When tending the garden – especially in spring and autumn – large quantities of cuttings tend to accumulate. But what can you do with this garden waste? A shredder provides a remedy and makes it possible not only to shred branch, tree and hedge cuttings, or other garden waste, but also to use them as compost or mulch. As practical helpers in the garden, Einhell offers knife shredders and silent shredders, each with an environmentally friendly electric motor. A blade shredder shreds the clippings with fast rotating blades and produces material that is particularly well suited for mulching. The silent shredder (also known as a roller shredder), as the name suggests, works particularly quietly by using a roller to shred and crush the shredded material. Silent shredders are robust, low-maintenance and produce first-class compost material.

The different shredders from Einhell

Silent shredders with cutting rollers

If you want to compost your shredded material and use it later as humus, our quiet shredders or roller shredders are perfect for your project.

The cutting roller rotates close to a pressure plate, automatically pulling in woody plants and even thicker branches and crushing the material. This breaks up fibres and the coarse shredded material rots faster on the compost heap. Roller shredders are also much quieter than knife shredders.

Knife shredders

Want to shred wood, hedge and green cuttings to use as mulch? Then take a closer look at our electric knife shredders.

The practical garden shredders cut the shredded material, which is fed in with the aid of a tamper, by two counter-rotating knives made of special steel. In this way, many branches and softer plant parts can be processed in a short time. The knife blades, unlike a roller, dull after time, but can be re-sharpened or simply replaced.

Whether you're looking for a knife shredder or a silent shredder, you'll find the right device for your project here. Discover the features of our garden shredders and find out which model is best suited to you. Einhell shredder guide

What to look out for when purchasing a garden shredder

Still not sure whether you should opt for a garden shredder with a blade or a roller, or whether accessories such as a collection box are worth it? In the following, we explain what you should look out for when purchasing a garden shredder and how you can make your decision easier.

Robust blades or cutting rollers

Large gardens involve a lot of work. To ensure that you can shred wood, greenery or hedge cuttings powerfully at any time, you should make sure that your garden shredder is equipped with robust blades or a high-quality cutting roller.

Einhell's knife shredders have two durable, counter-rotating reversible blades made of special steel that can be easily replaced or cleaned. If the roller shredder is blocked, the direction of rotation switch helps by reversing the running direction of the roller and releasing the blockage.

Important safety features

So that you can work safely with your shredder, you should make use of certain safety features. Our knife shredders have a hopper with a safety switch that ensures that the shredder switches off as soon as the hopper is opened, for example to check the blades.

To prevent injury during work, the knife shredders are supplied with a tamper for safely pushing down the shredded material. The overload protection protects the garden shredders motor from overloading and extends the life cycle of the tool.

Clean and mobile shredding

In order to transport the garden shredder to its destination as easily as possible, our models are equipped with practical wheels. This means you can use your shredder flexibly wherever it is needed.

To save collecting the shredded material, you can opt for a garden shredder with a transparent collection box, in which the shredded material is always visibly collected. If a tamper is included in delivery for easy re-positioning of the branches, a holder is also helpful so that the tamper is always nicely tidied away and does not get lost.