Paint Spray System

TC-SY 700 S

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Item number 4260020
  • Semi-stationary system for medium-size to large work spaces
  • Adapted for spraying of lacquers, glazes and interior wall paints
  • High mobility by shoulder strap and 3,5 m long air hose
  • Pull sledge - flexible working & hose storage in one
  • Removable spray head for cleaning all paint-leading elements
  • Paint flow regulation for ideal adaptation of paint application
  • Adjustable air cap for vertical, horizontal and round jet
  • Relieved handling thanks to non-twisting air hose
  • Safe and comfortable handling thanks to the soft grip
  • Incl. 2 nozzles for different viscosities of lacquer/glaze/paint
  • Incl. purification brush for cleaning the uptake
  • Incl. purification needle for cleaning the spray nozzle
  • Incl. container for examination of viscosity
  • Incl. lid for paint container
  • Incl. 1000 ml paint container with measuring scale

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Technical data

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Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Power700 W
Flow rate1000 mL/min
Capacity1000 mL
Length of hose3.5 m
Max. viscosity70 DIN-sec
Product description
The electric paint spray system TC-SY 700 S is a semi-stationary system for medium-sized to large work surfaces and is adapted for lacquers, glazes and interior wall paints. The shoulder strap and a 3.5 meter air hose provide great mobility and make the TC-SY 700 S suitable for all creative and practical painting jobs with lacquers, glazes and interior wall paints. Easy to use and clean, the paint spray system is an ideal tool for beginners and experienced DIY fans. The paint flow regulation enables the amount of paint applied to be precisely adjusted. The adjustable air cap for vertical, horizontal and round jets provides flexibility and the freedom for creativity when working. To prevent the accumulation of stubborn soiling, the spray head is detachable to allow all the elements which come into contact with the paint to be cleaned. The device is easy to get thoroughly cleaned when work is done. The non-twist air hose prevents the annoying twisting of the air hose and therefore makes it easier to use. Thanks to the comfortable soft grip, the paint sprayer fits securely and nicely in the hand. The integrated pull sledge provides flexibility when working and a practical, space-saving storage facility for the hose at the same time. The product is supplied complete with two nozzles for different viscosities of lacquer, glaze and paint, a purification brush for cleaning the uptake, a purification needle for cleaning the spray nozzle as well as a container for examination of the viscosity, a 1000 ml paint container and a perfectly fitting lid.

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TC-SY 700 S