Scarifier Accessory
Messerwalze RVL1200;BG-SA1231
Item no.:3405580EAN: 4006825544176
Scarifier Accessory

Messerwalze RVL1200;BG-SA1231

Item no.: 3405580 EAN: 4006825544176
  • Original Einhell Blade Roller for Einhell Scarifier–Aerator
  • Suitable for Einhell Electric Scarifier–aerator GC-SA 1231
  • Suitable for Einhell Electric Scarifier–aerator GC-ES 1231
  • Ball-Bearing-mounted Blade Roller
  • 8 steel double blades
  • Working width of 31 cm
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Article description

The Original Einhell blade roller is the perfect accessory or spare part for Einhell electric scarifier–aerators. It is particularly suitable for Einhell GC-SA 1231 and GC-ES 1231 electric scarifier–aerators. Featuring 8 steel double blades and a working width of 31 cm, the roller removes weeds and moss right at the root, thus ensuring a well-groomed and healthy lawn. The roller to be changed can be removed from the scarifier–aerator using a hexagonal socket wrench, and the new blade roller can then be easily installed. To avoid injury, gloves should be worn during this procedure.

Technical details

Blade roller materialStainless steel
Number of blades blade roller8 pcs
Working width blade roller31 cm
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